The strong point of the Johnan service

1.All-around facilities management service throughout the nation

We can supply for service by using all-around facilities management service throughout the nation. We think they are best service for you having nation-wide business.

<Feature of the main services>

・Nationwide uniform cost system by using our know-how and knowledge!
・Power to administrate any building maintenance by our package!
・Cost reduction by using our same charge throughout the nation!

2.we are independent of specific business group.

So,we can achievement your different orders despite any manufacturer.

<the feature of the main services>

・We do the best maintenance of your systems even if any facilities
・We stand on the your side,not your controlling company.
・We have tremendous career for all kinds of business fields. of circumstance,information technology,and quality services

We are working up for your needs such as circumstance technology,information technology,and ISO9001

<The feature of the main services>

・Cost reduction by best environmental technology(we got a special Award of “The society of heating,air-conditioning and sanitary engineering of Japan”.)
・Information technology for remote supervision sysem
・Ensure to manage and quality by ISO9001

Security :We proposal any security and disaster prevention systems your needs,such as finger vein authentication system. Energy saving :we can contribution to cut carbon dioxide.