Partner recruitment

Are you concernded about our partners by using our technology and service?

We think business partner is so important.
We will recruit new business partner
by using our technology and service.

Please down to the following about our partners information.

Business content
  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Air conditioner filter cleaning
  • Electric(al) construction
  • Conditioning works -overhaul-
           Part replace
  • Sanitary work,tank-cleaning
  • LAN connect,webcamera (monitoring,vein authentication)
Our partners
  • clean corp (Sapporo city)
  • Daiichi Air clean corp
  • shuwa-eng.corp (Osaka)
  • Towa-all-eng.corp (Osaka)
  • Daiichi-all-planning (Saga)
  • Sunagawakuken (Naha)