Service contents (Plant maintenance・engineering works)

Life of machinery is key to Building Maintenance.
You have to maintenance asset value.
You have to make comfortable room in your rooms or shops.
You may accept damage your image if you ignore reforms at your home.
We make comfortable environment and do the best to maintain your building with our technical capabilities.
We believe we become part of you in that case we have long-term viewpoint.
We fix out the best service for you to make a comfortable place.
Engineering works

We supply many maintenance services between public and private facilities.

Technical Capabilities

We launch a new service to match your hoping with new technology


Certain hotel synthesis facilities management
200 guest rooms, 24 hours permanent residence (Firefighting, a guard implication)
Cleaning・Bed making I include it   One month¥7.500.000~
Air conditioner Air conditioner for business use Resolution washing

Duct cleaning(Please talk)
Air-conditioning machine check(Please talk)
Air-conditioning machine room setting(Please talk)
Air-conditioning machine room repair(Please talk)
Environmental measurement(10point over ¥25.000~)
Water supply and
drainage sanitation
Water storage tank cleaning(10t ¥50.000~)
Grease top cleaning
Drain cleaning
Pipe laying work
Examination of water (10item ¥8.000~ / 26item ¥35.000~)
Electric facilities Luminaire installation
Power distribution work
Electric construction in general
Blackout test
Communication construction Communication construction work
Security camera
Vein authentication system
Firefighting facilities
Extinguishing fire equipment and checking system
Extinguishing fire equipment and repair work
Air-conditioning equipment cleaning (Including breakup)¥18.000~

Cooling tower cleaning ¥25.000~

Water tank cleaning   10t ¥50.000~